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Making Sous Vide and Barbecue Easy to Understand and Fun for All

One of the things I learned a long time ago when I first started cooking in restaurants at the sweet young age of 16, is that people love to eat food that tastes good but that also looks appetizing. There is no doubt in my mind that plating and presentation can affect how people perceive the food they are about to eat, especially if they are paying a big premium for it at an expensive, white table cloth restaurant. When we pay premiums for something we also expect a premium product. BUT (yes, a Big But) I have also found that as the price of the meal goes down, the expectation of the food being "pretty" also goes down, But the taste and flavor expectations do not. When cooking for my family I never care to much about plating and making it look fancy or pretty. The food itself needs to look edible, but how it is arranged on the plate is least of my concerns.

One of the things I concentrate on in my videos and posts is how these cooking methods are not something people have to fear or be intimidated by. Once understood, they are easy to use, and they can improve your individual cooking skills so you, your friends, and family can enjoy cooking and eating wonderful food. Making people think they need to make “perfect plates” and follow recipes and methods "EXACTLY how I do it" is Not what I want people to get out of what I do. There are a few notorious "Others" on Facebook and social media that have groups that berate and chastise people into following their established rigid rules for how they cook. Demanding complete control and loyalty without question. I have been a part of a couple groups that take themselves and cooking way to serious, like "their way" is the gospel and if not followed to a "T" you are banned to the abyss of Facebook... That, I find pretty ridicules and just plain laughable. Using your knowledge of cooking and food as a weapon to insult and intimidate people all while saying you are trying to teach and enrich them is rather ludicrous if you ask me. Some even revel in how many people they have banned or removed from their group and act like they are in a middle school "Clique".

And with that information above I know there are plenty of people now who know just what I am talking about. And yes, I do understand that each group can and will have their own rules of participation. I have rules in my group as well, but the #1 rule is treating EVERYONE with respect. I started doing this so people have a place to go and learn and discover just how sous vide and barbecue can be easy to understand, and that it does not matter much if you make little tweaks here or there for personal preference. You can learn and understand the general principles on how they work to make something you love the way YOU like it. It is, by the way, just cooking. It is not rocket surgery. it is meant to be fun, delicious, and personal.

I never claimed to be a "Top Chef" and I do not pretend I have all the answers to every question, I just know where to look to find them. I consider myself more of a "Resource Finder" where I point people in the right direction to the information they are searching for. One thing I do know, is that sharing my love and passion for cooking will never include badgering, chastising, intimidating, and mocking people who are interested in learning and participating. I hope you continue to join me as I make Sous Vide, Barbecue, and cooking in general fun and interesting for all people who care to follow along! Cooking should always be fun, interesting, enjoyable and delicious!

Thanks for following along!

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