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Check out the New INKBIRD 100% Wireless Thermometer! The INT-11P-B

Hey all, as you know I am a big GEEK when it comes to technology and how it can help you cook better, so this new wireless thermometer is right up my ally! I have been a big InkBird fan for awhile now and have had great success with their Sous Vide circulator, multi-probe barbecue thermometers, and their temperature controller made for smokers and grills, so I have been anticipating the release of this 100% wireless thermometer from them for the longest time!

As many of you know, I have used many different wireless thermometers and they all have their little ups and downs. Usually there are connection issues, quality problems with the probes, and complicated software issues. I was really looking forward to INKBIRD's release as they usually get those issues worked out before they release a product!

So, was this new thermometer all I was expecting? Yes but only for some specific functions. What does that mean you may ask? I will list them below:

  • Easy to set up - It was very easy to set up using the INKBIRD app for my Iphone. When I chose the product from the menu it was able to find it and set it up right away! Probably the easiest wireless set up I have done!

  • No Connection Issues - On my cook I had no connection issues and was able to monitor my cook from about 300 feet away in my home office with no issues.

  • Very well made - Both the probe and the charging case seem much more well made than other products in the same category. The probe is also IP67 waterproof, and the ambient sensor can handle temperatures up to 572f degrees while searing. It is also very easy to clean.

  • Long lasting battery - INKBIRD claims the probe battery is good up to 25 hours and I can believe it as my 2 hour cook barely used any battery life. It also is very fast at charging the probe, with a claim at a full charge at about 25 minutes!

  • Highly Accurate - The probe is accurate within ±1℃/±1.8℉ a completely wireless probe, that is pretty accurate.

  • Cook Charts showings temps - these are great for showing the history of the cook so you can see just where the temperatures where during the entire cook time.

So, there were a couple things I do wish this unit had that some of the other competitors offer that would make me much happier. These things may or may not be important to you, but they are things that could only add value that I think would put this over the top for me!

  • WIFI capability - This unit is only bluetooth enables, although it is Bluetooth 5.1, which does offer a much longer range than most probes in this price range for sure! But, WIFI would enable you to monitor this probe from an unlimited range, like from the store or your next door neighbors house.

  • Ambient Temperature Alarm - although the app has an alarm you can adjust for the internal temperature of the food, it does not have an alarm for the ambient (cooking) temperature of your cooker so you can make sure it stays within your desired range. You can see it on the display, but it would make it much easier to monitor if there was an alarm to notify you when the cooking temperature was too high or too low so you could make the adjustment.

  • Predictive Cooking Times - Although this is a recent addition to some much more expensive probes like the Meat Stick 4X and the Combustion Inc., it would be nice to have on the Inkbird. These probes have multiple temperature sensors in the probe and the app software calculates a predictive doneness time. This is just something they can add to a more expensive model down the line.

Other than that, I think INKBIRD has a winner with this affordable and very well made first shot at a completely wireless thermometer! For my video review for this product you can click on this link for my YouTube channel! You can find this product on AMAZON with a 40% off the regular price coupon at the time of this article!

Thanks for Following along!


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