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Sous Vide & Barbecue Resources

Check out these highly recommended websites for information to help you get the most out of Sous Vide and Barbecue!  

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links where we may get a small commission if you make a purchase through them. This will in no way affect the price you pay for the items, but helps us pay for the content we provide.

Sous Vide Resources


Check out the "Sous Vide Made Easy" Video course put together by Jason Logsdon, a well accomplished author on several books on Sous Vide and Modernist cooking! Get 50% off the regular price by using the code "FIREWATER" at checkout!

Douglas Baldwin literally wrote the book on sous vide low temperature cooking and how it works with pasteurization to be totally safe and how it works to break down proteins like no other cooking method.



Amazing Food Made Easy offers a free basic email course on how to use sous vide at home. Lots of other resources and guides to help you get the hang of it. 



A very easy and helpful Time and Temperature guide with a drop down menu to pick the type of meat and cut to see the best time and temp for the doneness you want.  


The makers of the very popular Sous Vide Circulator "Joule". Their website has a lot of information on using sous vide to make wonderful chef quality food at home! 


Join Kenji Lopez-Alt and other top chef's from around the country as they show you how sous vide can work magic in your kitchen. 


Meathead Goldwyn has run the Amazing Ribs website for decades and it is by far the largest and best Barbecue website on the planet! Check out the Sous Vide Que Section here! 

Make sure to join our Fire & Water Cooking Facebook Group for a truly helpful and interactive bunch of people who are all teaching and learning about both sous vide and barbecue! 

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