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Amazon Prime Days 2021 Deals for BBQ & Sous Vide!

Hey All!

I love a good deal, and I hope you do also! I have put a list of some of the great products that I use and love in the list below so you can check them out and get them at a great price while you can! Some of these deals are better than others, but they are all great products that I have had experience with and highly recommend!

Inkbird 1000 Watt wifi sous vide circulator -

This is my favorite budget circulator for those just getting started or if you are looking for a backup or 2nd unit for sides! Very powerful, quiet, and wifi enabled! Just $59 for Prime Days!

Homenote 12 qt Sous Vide container w/ Sleeve and Rack

All you need to get started with sous vide cooking except the circulator! Comes with the rack to hold your food down, and a neoprene insulation sleeve to keep the water at the perfect temperature! Only $37 during Prime Days!

Inkbird High End Instant Read Thermometer -

This instant read thermometer has all the features of the much more expensive ones offered from other companies! This thermometer will last you a long time and the rechargeable battery will save you money! 30% off right now for Prime Days!

The Su-VGun and GrillGun High Powered Torches -

These torches are not toys! They are high powered and will last you a super long time! They are not a cheap Harbor Freight "Weed Burner" people try and compare them to. These are built to perform and last you for many years. Great for searing and starting your grills, smokers, fireplaces, fire pits, etc. 20% off for Prime Days!

The MeatStick Bluetooth/Wifi Wireless Thermometers -

Looking for a completely wireless cooking thermometer that can be used in your grill, smoker, rotisserie, and sous vide? The MeatStick is for you! 100% waterproof and wireless! Choose from the Bluetooth only version of the unlimited coverage of the wifi version! All are 20% off for Prime Days!

Avid Armor A420 Heavy Duty Channel Vacuum Sealer -

Do you need a vacuum sealer that can take a beating and keep on sealing? Check out the Avid Armor A420 suction sealer! Has all the great features you need like pulse, marinate, accessory, gentle, moist, and much more! It is designed for heavy use and it will last much longer than most other sealers on the market! Avid Armor offers the BEST customer service of any vacuum. sealer company I know! Save $60 during Prime Days!

Avid Armor USV32 Home Sized Chamber Vacuum Sealer -

One of the BEST home sized chamber sealers on the market at $70 off for a limited time only! Top notch customer service, a great USA based company offers some of the best vacuum sealers you can buy! You will not be disappointed with this chamber sealer for sure!

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