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Happy New Year! 2018 Review and New Things Coming for 2019!

Happy New Year to everyone! I am looking forward to some exciting things for 2019, but first I would like to do a quick recap of what we accomplished in 2018. If you don't know, we started developing "Fire & Water Cooking" in May 2018 as a way to help others learn how to use sous vide and mix it in with barbecue, smoking, and grilling. I had spent a few months really studying sous vide and found that it worked perfect incorporating it into my barbecue and other cooking I have been doing for over 40 years. The method of "Sous Vide" seems complicated at first, but it is really just another cooking method when you boil it down. Once you get the basic principles down, it is very easy to explore and expand its use! Sous Vide is not magic, but it does allow you to do some things not possible any other way. So I made Fire & Water Cooking to help people understand and discover how they can make some really awesome food and have fun doing it! Thank you for joining us in this adventure!

Here are some great pictures from 2018!

Below is a list of all the amazing things we accomplished in 2018 in just 7 months!

Here are some exciting things we have planed for 2019!

  • Produce at least 2 videos per week, one using sous vide and another with just barbecue or other cooking methods

  • Once a month have a live stream Q&A session on both YouTube and Facebook

  • Add a couple more partner companies that offer great products for sous vide or barbecue like Anova, Heaven Made Products seasonings, Blackstone Griddles, and more.

  • Experiment with things like Dry Aging beef, developing signature rubs and seasonings, doing more side dishes and desserts.

  • Expanding our use of Instagram and other outlets to include shorter videos for more exposure.

  • Working with other Facebook groups and YouTube creators to expand our subscribers and membership.

  • More member involvement! We want to hear from you on what you want and what you need help with in 2019!

  • More Giveaways and prize drawings!

We really look forward to 2019 and growing and expanding the Fire & Water Cooking family! I hope you all hang around and learn and grow with us! Thanks again for all you do and for joining us on this journey.

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