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The Summer of 2020.. New Partners, Video Podcasts, More Places to Watch, 2020 Sous Vide Summit!

Well, I have to say that 2020 has been a pretty crappy year so far for all of us, and that is putting it mildly! So, instead of focusing on the "negatives", I will focus on the positives that have happened and will happen here at Fire & Water Cooking..

1) More Partnerships!

We have welcomed a couple more really impressive partners that we are excited to showcase in our videos including The MeatStick, Hasty Bake Grills, Vesta Precision Products, Porter Road Butchers, BBQ Guru, and a couple more! We are also glad to have InkBird products back as a weekly sponsor of "The Fire & Water Cooking Podcast"! These partners have passed my high standards and help me to continue to offer my followers great reviews, information, and discounts. All of my partners offer superior customer service and products! I am proud to have them on board.

2) Expanded Podcast Coverage to Include Video!

Although the Fire & Water Cooking Podcast was doing great as an "Audio Only" offering for the 1st year, I decided to also offer it as a video podcast posting both on YouTube and Facebook since Zoom makes it really easy to connect to guests and produce quality audio and video at the same time! My hopes are to expand the audience to those who do not normally listen to audio only podcasts but like to watch video versions. So far it is doing really good! We have also had some amazing guests such as John Setzler of Man Cave Meals, Danielle Bennet AKA "DivaQ", Susie and Todd Bulloch of "Hey Grill Hey", Kevin Sandridge of the "BBQ Beat" Podcast, and many more! Make sure you are subscribed to which ever version you prefer so you get notifications of new episodes! Audio Podcast HERE. Video Podcasts can be found on YouTube HERE, Facebook HERE.

3) Expanded Video Coverage Also!

So, for the last 2 years i have been focused on only providing my videos to the YouTube channel, and then posting links to them in the Facebook group and page so you could check them out there. Well, after much contemplation, I have decided to post my videos not just on YouTube, but also on my Facebook page and Instagram feed starting this week. This will make it easier for those who prefer to stay on the other platforms to access the videos and not feel like they are missing out or being forced to visit a platform they do not like. Every different platform has its positives and negatives, and to lock myself into just one does not make a whole lot of sense to me. I will be focusing only on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram though. The others such as Tik Tok , Twitter, etc, are not really geared toward my type of content. So, Please make sure to Like the Facebook page HERE, Follow us on Instagram HERE, and Subscribe to us on YouTube HERE whichever platform you like the most!

Due to the continuing issues with the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 Sous Vide Summit put on by the International Sous Vide Association has gone virtual! The really great thing about that is, Everyone now has the opportunity to participate! I will be just one of over 25 speakers and presenters discussing all things sous vide! This is NOT a business conference, where you will listen to boring speakers in a dark room.. We will have some of the top sous vide cooks in America showing you their tips and tricks - in the comfort of your own home!

Imagine hanging out with the sous vide stars you've been following online, asking them questions and swapping recipes!

There's a star-studded line up including Master Chef Rich Rosendale, Food Network personality and Executive Chef James Briscione, PolyScience President Philip Preston, founder Meathead Goldwyn, Jason Logsdon from Amazing Food Made Easy, David Pietranczyk from PolyScience, Chef Eric Villegas from VacMaster, Chef Michael Kelly from Everidgeand many, many more!

Cook along with your favorite sous viders during interactive hands on workshops. There will also be engaging panels, virtual meet and greets, product information and demos featuring the latest in sous vide technology and accessories and so much more!

Use these Codes for Ticket Discounts!

Any Tickets - 15% discount - coupon code SVSUMMIT15

VIP & Pro Tickets - $30 off - coupon code FRIENDS30

Thanks for following along with Fire & Water Cooking!

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