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My Top 4 Picks for The Perfect Fathers Day Gift!

What do you get for the man who has everything? More Stuff of course! 2020 has been a really crazy year so far and I think Fathers need a little extra love this Fathers Day, LOL! Check out some of my TOP PICKS on some new and interesting products that I feel are well worth the investment and any Father who loves to cook using sous vide and/or barbecue will appreciate!

1) Check out The MeatStick Wifi! I have been interested in a true wireless thermometer for some time now and the other major brand that is out there never showed the promise that The MeatStick did to me! The main drawing factor to me for this tool was the fact that it is 100% waterproof and deep fryer proof! Why is that important? Well, that means I can monitor internal temperatures of meat PLUS the water in a sous vide bath, the oil in a deep fryer, or the temperature of the grill/smoker with no worries of the unit getting damaged! The "other" brand is not recommended to use in these situations. The Wifi function is Not necessary, BUT it does give you the best range for monitoring your cook as it can be check from literally anywhere! The MeatStick can be used in any cooking device or with any cooking method, and is the ONLY way to monitor meat being cooked on a rotisserie! The App is super easy to use and connect and is great for pro's or beginners. The Wifi version comes with Two (2) re-chargable probes, a AAA battery powered charging station, the Wifi "Bridge" that communicates with bluetooth to the probes and Wifi to your home network. It also comes with a great travel/storage case! It is the best option for sure, but if you are not interested in Wifi, you can settle for the Bluetooth Extender Version HERE.

2) New to Sous Vide or just looking for a back up? Check out the InkBird Circulator! If your dad is new to sous vide cooking or is looking for an upgrade or an extra unit, the InkBird sous vide circulator is perfect for him! It is my Top Pick for a budget circulator that has all the features you would want! with 1,000 watts of power, Wifi and Manual controls, and a built in time/temp guide in the unit itself, it is well worth the bargain price of $79! InkBird also has great customer service and a very active Facebook group where you can get technical support and service. Although I Love my Anova products for my main "Premium" circulators, The InkBird is great as my backup/bargain option!

3) This Container Blows the Rest AWAY! Anova Precision Container - I think Anova hit it out of the park when they created this "Sous Vide Specific" container last year. A lot of people tend to focus on the price of $69, and say it is too pricy compared with other options. BUT they always compare it to containers that are NOT made for sous vide! The other containers that are marketed as "Sous Vide" containers are really made as food storage containers that they have cut a hole in to accommodate a circulator. Brands like Lapavi, Everi, and Rubbemaid are all very similar to each other and not really made for sous vide. They may market them as such, but they are just food storage containers with a custom lid. Some actually charge Extra for the lid anyway! None of them come with a rack or have any countertop protection built in. The Anova Precision Container has been designed from scratch just for sous vide cooking! The rounded edges make it easier for the water to circulate in the container. The upgraded plastic material is more insulated than the cheaper polycarbonate the others use. The handles make it easy to carry. The built in rack keeps your food from floating to the top. the rubberized lid gasket makes sure you have a tight seal, the circulator hole will fit most units out there. It also has a built in "Trivet" that helps protect your counter tops. It's size is perfect for most cooks you will have for up to a family of 6. I have priced the "Cheaper" options with the added "extras" you would need to be comparable to this and the price is pretty much the same, but you still have a product not designed for sous vide.. This is a Top Buy in my book.

4) All New Camp Chef SmokePro Wifi Models! I have used and loved Camp Chef products for over 3 years now. I think their pellet grills and flat top griddle are Best In Class as far as Innovation, Quality, and Pricing. They took longer than most other companies to bring out Wifi and PID control to their grills because they wanted to make sure it was Right from the start. other companies have released these options and even whole grill lines that just were not ready and they got called out for it (Weber SmokeFire). Camp Chef already had a great ash clean out system, pellet dump, slide & grill, and more room than most others before they released their Wifi PID controller, so now it is Even Better! Control it all from your Smart Phone and monitor your cook from anywhere! If a new grill is on your Fathers "wish list", make sure you check out the Camp Chef Line!

Happy Fathers Day to all and lets pray we all get through the Rest of 2020 safe and secure!

Disclosure: I have personally used all of these products and highly recommend and endorse them.

We do also participate in affiliate marketing campaigns that compensate us for sales generated through these links at no added cost to you, to help us create more content and pay the bills. Thanks for supporting us and our sponsors! 

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