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Holiday Deals Continued! Special Price on My Cookbook and More!

Hey all! Happy Holidays!

We have had are 1st really cold days here in Florida of 2020 and it is currently in the 40's right now! I wanted to put out a special pricing offer for this week for those interested in my new cookbook, Fire and Water Cooking: The Fusion of Smoking, Grilling, and Sous Vide Cooking! I also wanted to highlight a few other deals that might interest you before they go away or it gets too close to Christmas for delivery. It seems everyone is ordering online this year and that makes shipping delays on a lot of stuff! Get those orders in Early!

First off, here is the Special Pricing on my Cookbook!

Get the B&W Paper Back for only $10.99 through 12/13! Also, if you are a subscriber to "Kindle Unlimited" it is now available for a Free Download! CLICK HERE

Also, If you are interested in a "Personally Signed Copy" of my book, you can order one here direct from me and I will ship it to you ASAP! only $14.99 plus shipping! You can order it HERE!

Save 30% on the Inkbird 1000 watt Wifi Sous Vide Circulator! Only $56 with free Prime shipping! Click HERE

Get Your Special Holiday Roasts from Crowd Cow! Choose from Pasture Raised Turkey, to A-5 Wagyu Prime Rib, to amazing Domestic Leg of Lamb! Crowd Cow offers some of the best and most rare and unique meat and seafood on the planet! Check it out and get your Holiday Order in NOW! Click HERE

Save $15 on FreshJax Organic 5 Spice Gift sets! Choose from over 30 different custom blends! FreshJax makes THE BEST spices and seasonings you will find! They also will donate 1 meal for every order to Feed Hungry Kids in Need! These make great gifts or you can try them out for yourself to see which blends you like! Some of my favorites are Garlic Herb, Rosemary Lemon, Citrus Pepper, Keto Chophouse, and Rosy Cheeks! Check out FreshJax by Clicking HERE!

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