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Fall Celebration and Giveaway! Pre Holiday Prizes!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Hey All! Fall is officially here and that means that 2020 will soon be behind us.. Thank Goodness! I had a decent summer even though we stayed home for most of it. The Virtual Sous Vide Summit was a blast and I think we had some great speakers and awesome content again this year for sure! I am looking forward to being able to attend in person in San Francisco next year if we make it out of 2020 alive!

With that being said, We made some great Milestones that I would like to celebrate, and that always means YOU end up celebrating with me! Here a couple that have just happened or will happen very shortly!

Reached over 10,000 members on the Facebook Group!

Reached over 5,500 followers on the Facebook page!

Reached over 5,000 Subscribers on YouTube -

Reached over 800 followers on Instagram-

Recorded over 80 episodes of my Podcast with over 3,000 downloads per month on average-

So what are we doing to Celebrate? Giving Away Prizes of course! All I ask is you Make Sure you Join the Facebook Group, Follow/Like the Facebook Page, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to my podcast! All are FREE for you! All help me grow! Make sure you also Comment on the Post in the Facebook Group!

What will you win?

2 winners will be picked! The 1st winner will get to choose from their choice of the following prizes!

Prize Package #1 - A Complete Sous Vide Set up! A 1,000 watt Inkbird Wifi sous vide circulator, an Inkbird compact suction vacuum sealer, and a Geesta 12 quart sous vide container with lid! a $200 value!

Prize Package #2 - Inkbird Wifi BBQ Temperature Controller with 3 probes, and 2 grill adaptors, and an Inkbird Instant Read thermometer! a $180 value!

Hurry! Prize Drawing will be done on Sunday October 18th at 3pm est live on the Facebook Page!

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