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Check Out the ONLY Podcast That Talks about Sous Vide AND Barbecue! Fire & Water Cooking!

Hey All! I hope you made it through the Holidays just fine.. It was a busy time for me as I was moving into a new house and had a lot of stuff going on! It is really hard keeping up with the Facebook group, the Youtube channel, and other stuff I do while working a full time job under normal circumstances, but throw in a house move that did not go as smooth as it could have and it makes it Really Challenging! One of the things that keeps me busy is planning and trying to get guests for the "Fire & Water Cooking Podcast" that I started last year. If you have not checked out the podcast, you are truly missing out on some of the BEST discussions about BOTH Sous Vide and Barbecue! We not only discuss Mixing the two cooking methods, but also how they are great on their own as well! There are plenty of other podcasts dedicated to barbecue and cooking in general, but none quite like mine!

We have had some amazing guests over the last 9 months such as Meathead Goldwyn, Clint Cantwell, and Max Good from, Jason Logsdon from, Chef AJ Schaller from, BBQ Guru Steven Raichlen from We have also had interviews with representatives from great companies such as Camp Chef, Anova Culinary, The CEO of Crowd Cow, and we have had a very supportive Sponsor in Ink Bird BBQ Products! I have been honored and humbled at some of the high profile guests I have had on, BUT I am also grateful for my friends who have come on such as John Setzler from Man Cave Meals, Lloyd Cuppiccia from the Kosher Dosher, and some of my fellow YouTube creators such as Greg Mrvich from Ballistic BBQ, and Troy Smith from T-Roy Cooks! I am so excited about how the podcast is being accepted and look forward to the continued growth.

So Please, if you have not checked out "The Fire & Water Cooking Podcast", take a few minutes and browse the over 40 different episodes and take a listen and see if we can help expand your understanding of sous vide, barbecue, or a certain product or company! You can find in anywhere you may get your podcasts or you can get if from the podcast website or the main website under the "Podcast" tab! Check it out!

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