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Getting Ready for the Holidays! Let's Talk Sous Vide Food, Gifts, and More!

Yeah yeah I know, the last Blog post was in August! "What the Heck! I thought you were going to post MORE not Less!".. Sorry, been busy... BUT Let's jump right in and talk about what is going on for the holidays! This is the BEST time of the year for food, fun, and family for sure! We can talk about cooking, eating, gift buying and receiving, sharing, and celebrating! So lets start:


Not really a holiday per se, but it really kicks off the whole "season" as people start thinking about the coming Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other Holidays that are fast approaching! People are buying gifts, planning large meals, parties, and other get togethers! The air is starting to get cooler, the falls colors are blooming, and the little ones are playing dress-up! Not really a time to have big events, unless you throw a killer Halloween party! If so, it is a good time to look at doing some "Sous Vide Infusions" if you plan to serve any Cocktails at your party! Check out this book by my friend Jason Logsdon that shows how you can use the sous vide method to infuse any liquid, including spirts, with just about any flavor!

Thanksgiving Day!

The Day of Feasting! Turkey is the usual protein of choice, and it is usually the one that people get all worried about turning out "Just Right"! There are many different ways to cook a turkey, and sous vide is one of the best! Especially if you mix it with some smoke after! If you are interested to see if you can cook an ENTIRE Thanksgiving meal using sous vide, well YES you can! Again, my friend Jason Logsdon from "Amazing Food Made Easy" has a complete "Sous Vide Thanksgiving Meal" cooking video series showing you how to do just that! From appetizers to deserts! Check out the Course HERE and use the code "FIREWATER" for a 50% discount of the regular price making it only $9.50 for the complete course!

Pie! Thanksgiving is know for Pie! All kinds of Pie! If you love pie and are looking for some great ideas on something new and different to WOW your friends and family with this year, check out the book "The New Pie" by Paul Arguin and Christopher Taylor! They even have recipes for fruit pies that show how sous vide can up your pie game! Click HERE to check it out on Amazon! The book makes a great Christmas gift as well! The authors were recently on my Podcast and you can listen to that episode HERE!

Christmas Gift Ideas!

Are you looking for a great gift idea for that person who loves to cook? Here are some Great ideas that maybe you have not thought of! I have tried to include things from all price points that I know are great products.

Sous Vide Made Easy! Know someone who is new to Sous Vide cooking or you want to introduce them to it? Consider purchasing them this all inclusive, start to finish Sous Vide Made Easy video course for beginners that will go over everything they need to know including an overview of sous vide, recommended equipment, searing options, how to determine times and temps, pasteurization, and much more! Use the code "FIREWATER" at check out and the entire course is only $9.50! Are they more of a reader? Consider getting them this nice hardcover book "Simple Sous Vide" from the same author, Sous Vide Expert Jason Logsdon!

Avid Armor has a brand new, affordable Chamber Vacuum Sealer that fits perfect on the counter top! If you know someone who has always wanted a chamber type sealer but could not afford the $800 plus price tag, check out the Avid Armor Ultra USV35 for just $550 HERE!

Anova Culinary has a couple new products that may be of interest to most home cooks who do sous vide cooking. They just released a compact, powerful, channel vacuum sealer that is easy to use and comes with a 5 year warranty! Priced at just $69.99! Also, they released a Great specially designed "Sous Vide Container" that sold out within the 1st 2 weeks they were offered! Check them out here and get your pre-order in for delivery before Christmas! Check it out for just $69.99! They also released their Brand New full sized WIFI Anova Precision Cooker! It offers many improvements to the old version, including 1000 watts of power, fully IPX7 waterproof and splash proof, sleeker design, fully adjustable clamp, and Try it yourself with our 100-day money-back guarantee and industry-leading 2-year warranty. Order yours now!

Give the Gift of Craft Meat from Crowd Cow! Crowd Cow offers many different options of some of the BEST meat in the world! Have you Always wanted to try top rated A-5 Japanese Wagyu? They have that! How about 100% Wagyu from Texas? Pasture raised Chicken or Turkey? Heritage Pork? Grass Fed, Grain finished, superior quality from small, locally owned farms? Crowd Cow has it all! Check them out and get $25 off your 1st order by using the code "Fire&Water" at check out HERE!

Holiday Themed Podcasts and Videos!

Make sure you stay on top of the new Fire & Water Cooking Podcasts and YouTube videos as we have some great holiday related stuff in the works! You can find links to both of them on this Website! Also make sure you are joining us on Facebook and Instagram!

Wishing you all a great holiday season!

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