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Introducing our new Partner, Crowd Cow! See why we chose to work with them and what they can offer y

As some of you may or may not know, I try to limit my partner companies to ones I truly believe in and that I feel will bring the BEST product and the BEST service to my followers. That is why I choose companies like Camp Chef, Kamado Joe, Anova, InkBird, Avid Armor, and a select few others that meet my requirements. If you are not familiar with Crowd Cow, I urge you to click click HERE to read their ABOUT section that explains why they are so different than most other Online Meat providers! The first thing that jumped out at me was the many different choices of "Farms" that they have to choose where I want my meat from. Not just that, but I can also choose different farms for 100% Grass Fed beef, or Pasture Raised/Grain finished wet or dry aged beef, Japanese A5 or Domestic Wagyu Beef, Pasture Raised Pork, Domestic Lamb, Chicken, and Wild caught Alaskan Seafood!

With Crowd Cow, you have the ability to get to know any of the smaller independent farms that produces the meat you are buying, not just the retail seller. You can shop by product OR by farm if you choose as some farms carry the same cuts. Most offerings are 100% antibiotic, GMO, and hormone free. Crowd Cow is the only online meat provider that works with smaller, artisanal framers that produce some of the BEST marbled beef available. They are NOT part of the Huge Industrialized meat packing companies that only care about high volume and are lax on quality. They have even Gone Green in their packaging for 2019 and use a 100% Biodegradable Green Cell insulation that is not just recyclable, it’s backyard compostable and even water soluble — meaning you can watch your waste literally disappear. Check out a highlighted list of things Crowd Cow offers below:

  • Many Different Choices of Beef from Different Smaller Farms- 100% Grass Fed, Pastured Raised/Grain Finished, Black Angus, Angus Hereford, Domestic Wagyu, Japanese Wagyu. The number of choices of cuts, type and farm are more than any other online meat source.

  • Pasture Raised Berkshire Heritage Pork- Pasture raised pork comes from pigs that live outside in fields or forests, rather than confined indoors. The farmers do so because it produces more flavorful meat, happier pigs, and a healthier environment.

  • High Quality Domestic Lamb - Unlike imported lamb, from Australia for example, which typically has a strong gamey flavor, Kyle Farms' lamb is raised on grass and local grains, resulting in a more mild, earthy flavor with a luscious tender texture. This incredible lamb is a blend of three distinct breeds chosen for their healthy, high-quality meat: Dorset, Finn and Ile-de-France. This lamb is rich in iron, zinc, Vitamin B12 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and is also 100% free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

  • 100% Pasture Raised, Free Range, Organic Chicken -Always outside on grass, with fresh air, sunshine, room to roam — this is truly pastured chicken.

  • Convenient "Subscription" Options and Bundle Packages! Crowd Cow offers many different monthly subscription options and bundle packages so you can get a sample of many of the things they offer!

  • Free Shipping on orders of $99 or More! If you order over $99 your entire order is shipped to you free of charge! Vacuum sealed and dry iced for freshness direct from the farm!

  • Save $25 on your 1st Order! Crowd Cow offers you a discount on your 1st order just to try them out! they also offer monthly and other discount specials on various products!

Click on the Link Below to Check out Crowd Cow!

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