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Check Out the new Fire & Water Cooking PodCast!

Hey All! Yeah, so I was playing around with the idea of starting a Podcast last week, so I checked out a couple really good ones that I know of like Malcolm Reed's "How to BBQ Right", The BBQ Beat, and BBQ Nation and they all seem really good with lots of content, guest interviews, and q&a.. When I did a search for any Sous Vide dedicated Podcasts, I was shocked that there were ZERO that were dedicated to sous vide! On top of that, Sous Vide was not being covered in the BBQ podcasts much at all! So like I always do when I see a need, it decided to go ahead and start one.. Granted, I know it will take a long time to get it fine tuned and popular, but like everything, the longer I do it the better it will get..

I literally just launched the first episode yesterday, and it was just a 10 minute long introduction to Fire & Water Cooking and what I plan on doing with the Podcast. Some of the things I think the Podcast can do that the other outlets cant do is have more participation with answering questions and helping to teach people the basics and even more advanced cooking techniques for both BBQ and sous vide. The episodes will only be 30-40 minutes long unless we have something special to discuss or we have a really good guest.

We are using the Anchor Podcast website system that offers a lot of tools and options to help Podcasters get started and it is totally free! One of the great things it provides is the Anchor Podcast App on both Apple and Android Phones that give the listener the option to send in a Voice Message to me with questions or comments that I can actually play during the Podcast!

From what I understand it takes a couple days for new Podcasts to show up on the iTunes and Google podcast sites, so for now you can fine the first episode on the Anchor Website HERE or by searching the Anchor App! Make sure to Subscribe and join in on the fun!

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