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New Topic for YouTube Channel and Some Venting!

OK, I know it has been awhile since I did a blog post, to tell the truth I just don't know how many people actually read blogs anymore with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites getting most of the action. Anyway, I will still continue to post on here as I know eventually someone will read it and it gives me a place I can vent some..

New Teaching Tuesdays Series on YouTube

One of the reasons i am writing this is to announce that I will be starting another series on my YouTube channel (and will carry it over to the Facebook Page also) on Tuesdays that will be some shorter "instructional" videos that will go over some basic cooking skills. I will refer to this as "Teaching Tuesday" and they will be 4-6 minute videos just touching on general cooking skills.

DISCLOSURE! I am not a Professionally trained Chef or culinary instructor! I am simply a guy who has cooked in restaurants and commercial kitchens and has done a lot of cooking for friends and family over 40 years and has done a lot of studying and learning in that time. I also know where to look to find out things and know how to separate facts from myths, tradition, and just plain hooey. These videos will be aimed at newer cooks and go over just some basic topics like "how to make your own seasoning blends" and "What is the difference between brines and marinades". I will also b pointing people to other sources and videos that can help them learn more. I will never claim to know everything there is to know about cooking and never address myself as a "Professional" Chef, but I am always learning and do not mind teaching and guiding those who are looking for advice.

Time to Vent!

Which brings me to my other point for this entry. There is Nothing that gets me going more than someone on Facebook or other places that like to talk down to others and treat them like idiots. This happened to me recently in another Facebook group where a "Professional Chef" who recently joined the group felt compelled to try and show off and beat others over the head with his "Knowledge and Experience" by pretty much telling everyone he was smarter and better than them. He had to tell everyone that HE was right and everyone else was wrong. Nobody else was as qualified as him to discuss or question the issue as he was all knowing and seeing... These guys always get me going, but one of the things I learned recently on Facebook is it is really easy to "Block" someone and move on. Some people just love to start Facebook fights for some reason and you will usually never win those fights so blocking those people makes it much easier to move on! If you don't know how to block someone on Facebook, it is really easy! Just click on their name, then click on the three dots that are in the box next to the "message" box and click the "block" option. It is that easy and it can save you a lot of stress and anxiety!

Well, I hope you are all getting ready for the Holidays coming up! I will be doing a Sous Vide Spatchcocked Turkey video really soon so be looking for that! I hope the new Teaching series will help some of you and please make sure you Subscribe, Like and Hit the Bell notification on my YouTube Channel!


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