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Check out the Sous Vide Basics Video Series and Other Updates!

It has been a busy month so far and I have neglected the blog and website for a couple weeks, but that will change. I have started a video series on YouTube and Facebook called "Sous Vide Basics" that will go over just that for people who are new to the method or those who just want to learn more about it. The first video in the series is already out and it is just an overview of what sous vide is and where it came from. The next video is all about the equipment you need to get started. the last two videos will be "How to use Sous Vide" and "Using Sous Vide with BBQ". These will all be released on Tuesday mornings every week.

On a barbecue note, I really have been enjoying the Camp Chef SmokePro SG 24 pellet grill since I got it. I have used a lot of different grills and smokers in my life, and pretty much settled on Kamado type ceramic grills as my favorite over the last few years just due to their versatility. I had looked at and considered pellet grills before and they never really seemed to have the ability to as much as the ceramic grills. Then along came this Camp Chef SmokePro SG with all the standard options! The ash clean out system, pellet hopper dump, slide & grill, dual meat probes, and optional sear box make it pretty awesome! Don't get me wrong, I still love my Kamado Joe Big Joe, BUT this Camp Chef does give it a run for the money! It is easier to get started, easier to maintain to some extent, and it can do MOST of what the Kamado can do. About the only thing I like better on the Kamado is Pizza since it can get hotter than the pellet grill. Camp Chef has also just released a new "Option" for it's pellet grills that turn it into a complete Outdoor Kitchen! The New "Sidekick" attaches to the grill and is a propane fueled Griddle and Gas burner with options to add a Pizza oven and a high heat grilling BBQ Box! Things like this make me LOVE Camp Chef as they are always innovating!

Another thing that works great so far on the pellet grill is the new "Charwood" type pellets that have a mixture of wood and charcoal. They actually give your pellet grill the ability to impart that "Charcoal" flavor you may miss with just plain wood pellets! I have used them a few times with the Camp Chef's "Slide & Grill" feature and they work fantastic! I have done steak, chicken, pork chops, and even hot dogs using them with great results. Make sure you check them out if you have a pellet grill. Camp Chef has two flavors which are "Charwood Hickory" and "Charwood Cherry" and you can find out more about them HERE.

Well that is about it for now, Thanks for following along! make sure you check out the video series!

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