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Proud To Be Working With the Camp Chef Brand And My Thoughts on Sponsors..

As some of you may know already, I just received my new Camp Chef SmokePro SG 24" pellet grill this week to use on my YouTube videos. I thought I would give you a little explanation on how I choose what products and sponsors I work with and recommend to you guys. I promised myself when I started this little project that I would not be constantly trying new products and turning my videos into weekly advertising for whatever any old company wanted to send me to test out. You will notice I try to stay loyal to companies whose products I have already used and love or that I have thoroughly researched. I have chosen just a few like Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills, Gourmia, Tuo Cutlery, Runnin Wild Foods, and now have added Camp Chef.

These brands that I have chosen not only offer some of the BEST products I have used, but they all offer great value, awesome customer service, a variety of options, and are very innovative. Camp Chef offers some of the Very Best outdoor cooking products on the market! There are MANY pellet grill companies out there right now, but NONE of them offer the deep line of product options, innovative features (Slide & Grill, Ash removal, Pellet Dump, Sear Box) that Camp Chef delivers. They also have many other different grilling products such as the Flat Top Grill that double as a Griddle and a Gas Grill! When I contacted them I explained to them what I was doing with my YouTube channel and how I was not looking just for free product to do a review on and then moving on to the next brand. I had done a ton of research and I was looking for a long term partner that wanted to help me grow as I showcased their awesome products. I was ecstatic when they agreed to partner with me! It is very unusual for companies of that size to take a chance on such a new venture, but I am glad they decided to roll the dice and give me a shot!

As the channel gets larger and more exposure, I am sure there will be many companies beating down my door wanting me to show off their products. There are many YouTube channels that change grills or other equipment every month, and that is OK if that is their thing, but that is not my focus. You will always just see me using a few great products that you and I can trust. I am sure I will pick a couple more product sponsors down the road, but I will still be very limited in what I endorse and use. My channel will always be more about the methods and processes I learn and use than constantly marketing new products for companies that send me free stuff..

Thanks again for following along and I hope that you learn something from my efforts. Cooking is meant to be fun. It can bring friends and family together and spread joy and love to everyone!

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