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August 4 Drawing for Free Prizes! Our Biggest Giveaway Yet!

One of the most satisfying things to me so far in this experience of running a Facebook group, page, blog, YouTube channel, etc. is being able to help others learn and make fantastic food at home for their families. I really love giving back and helping out when I can, answering questions, pointing people in the right direction, and even making these videos. One of the best ways I know of to give back is to provide my followers and fellow food geeks a chance to win some prizes and tools to make their cooking lives easier!

I made a commitment when I started this to only work with a limited few "Sponsors" that make products that I really like and trust, and that were willing to work with me and help give back to those who make us successful. Although I may add a few new companies down the road, you will NOT see me cooking with a different grill or sous vide unit every other month because a company sees how many YouTube subscribers I have and decides to send me one for free. I see it all over YouTube and Facebook where they are using new equipment all the time from different companies and it becomes more about how many grills or other products they can show off than what they are cooking or how they are cooking it. If I see one more "Slow and Sear" infomercial on the YouTube channels I follow I will SCREAM!

So, working with companies I know and trust gives me the opportunity to work with them to offer you guys special deals and doing these giveaways is a big deal to me. I am trying really hard to get over One Thousand Subscribers to my YouTube channel by the 1st of August, which is doable IF i can get most of my Facebook group and page members to just Subscribe! So here is the giveaway that will be held on August 4th at 10am Live on the Facebook Page!

The Fire & Water Cooking Channel is doing another Give Away with 4 prize packages!

1st Prize Pack: a Brand New Chefman RJ39 Sous Vide Circulator (a $75 value)! The Chefman has 1000 watts of power and is very versatile !

2nd Prize Pack: Another lucky winner will win a Prize Pack from Runnin Wild Foods valued at over $70! Steak, Seafood, Poultry, Veggie, Brisket, Smokey Paprika, Warm Spice, Honey BBQ seasonings plus one each of the Hickory and Maple Bourbon Pork Candy rubs! And Don't forget we get 15% off all Runnin Wild products by using the Code "Fire&Water" at Checkout!

3rd Prize Pack: Another lucky winner will receive a Tuo Cutlery B&W series knife set consisting of a 8" chefs knife, a 5" utility knife, and a 7" Cleaver!

4th Prize Pack: Another lucky winner will receive a brand new Gourmia GVS445 Space saving vertical Vacuum Sealer! A $79 Value!

Drawing to be Held on August 4th Live at 9am on this Facebook Page! You must do ALL of these to be eligible for the drawing!

1) Like This announcement Post and leave a comment on it on the Facebook Page (link below)

3) Join our Facebook Group here -

4) Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here -

5) Extra Bonus Points! You will get a Bonus chance (name will be added 2 times) if you Also Follow us on Instagram!

The Way the Drawing will Work is the 1st Winner will get their Choice of Prize Package, then the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th will get their choices of what is left in Drawing order..  

No purchase necessary, just like, subscribe, follow and SHARE With friends and family! We are growing fast and are one of the best groups combining Sous Vide and Grilling, Barbecue, and Smoking!

Good luck to all who enter and follow along!

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