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I started cooking in restaurants in my mid-teens and worked for many different types and styles of restaurant for over 12 years. In order to make better money and a better schedule for my family, I switched careers in my late 20's to banking.


I have always loved cooking and continued to learn different cooking methods and styles my whole adult life and still cook everyday. I really love barbecue and grilling and spent many years perfecting my skills with many different grills and smokers. I discovered the cooking method of sous vide in 2017 and thought it would work perfect for incorporating into barbecue due to the "Low and Slow" nature of both methods. I quickly discovered that sous vide allowed me to do some things I never could with just barbecue before. Making a perfectly tender beef brisket cooked to a medium doneness, making the perfectly tender and moist pulled pork, and many other epiphanies.


At that time the "Fire & Water Cooking" concept was born! I started reading, learning and teaching others who were curious. Over the last few years I have built a large FaceBook group, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Blog, and Podcast dedicated to teaching the mixing of sous vide, barbecue, and grilling. The "Fire & Water Cooking Podcast" is in the top 90th percentile of the fastest growing podcasts and we have had such celebrity guests on such as Steven Raichlen, Meathead Goldwyn, Malcolm Reed, Chef AJ Schaller, and many more. As of February of 2020 we have over 20,000 followers in our many different properties and it continues to grow daily. 


I work close with a few select companies of my careful choosing such as Camp Chef, Kamado Joe ceramic grills, FreshJax Organic Spices, Anova Culinary, and a few more. I choose products and companies that I love and trust and feel confident that my followers will use and enjoy.  

I am also an ambassador for the "International Sous Vide Association" which is an organization that helps teach, train, and promote the cooking method of Sous Vide throughout the world. The organization holds the annual "Sous Vide Summit" where I will be a guest speaker in August of 2020.

For more information feel free to email me at Admin@fireandwatercooking.com


The Fusion of cooking sous vide, barbecue, grilling, and more!

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