What Happened to My Blog Posts?? My Bad....

March 21, 2019

Wow, how did I let my blog get so far behind? I have had some really good growth in both the Facebook group and the Youtube channel so far this year and they have really taken a lot of my time and attention. I have also spent time learning new video editing software, and studying some other resources learning how to make better videos, and working on getting some new and better product partners moving forward in 2019. I have also upgraded my computer hardware, had my logo professionally redone, and have added some options to my Fire & Water Cooking merchandise channels. 


So let me apologize for my neglect of the blog here. even though there is not much activity on this website. I do plan on concentrating some effort the rest of this year to make this website a better place overall and to make it a much more informative and helpful site for all. I have so many things that I want this website to be able to do for people and I really need to get this off the ground. 


As far as what is going on with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, I hope you all were able to participate in the recent prize drawing/Giveaway we just did where we had over $600 in prizes given to some of our loyal followers! All social media sites are growing at a really good rate and we are working close with some other groups and pages to make sure we continue to grow and help more people. I would also like to take this time to thank the companies who participated in the drawing by providing prizes to our followers. Please take a minute and visit the links below and consider them if you are in need of a product they offer! 


Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Products -  Heavy Duty Vacuum sealers and supplies


EZ Smoker Tubes Pellet Smoker tubes  Use Discount Code "Firewater10" for 10% off  


Runnin Wild Foods Seasonings and Rubs - Use discount code "Fire&Water" for 15% off 


Heaven Made Products Seasonings and Rubs- Lower salt based rubs and seasonings 


Tuo Cutlery Knives - High quality knives at very affordable prices! 


Geesta Sous Vide Products - Affordable Sous Vide Containers, Lids, and Racks 


Ink Bird Thermometers - Offers this Waterproof IRF BBQ thermometer for 20% off code 4GPR7H3W


Make sure you check out the "Recommended Products Page" for more products and links to our Amazon Store and merchandise store! 




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