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3 Pack of Rubs, 1 Black Garlic Powder, and 1 Sauce - Blueberry & Black Garlic, Black Garlic & Coffee, and All Purpose Black Garlic - Triple B Sauce, Black Garlic Powder Shipping in USA!

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Brand: Fire and Water Cooking

Want to try 3 very unique and different seasoning blends? Here is you chance to get one bottle of Blueberry & Black Garlic (poultry, pork, seafood. veggies), Black Garlic & Coffee (beef, lamb, pork), and our All Purpose Rub, plus a bottle of our Triple B Sauce (Blueberry, Balsamic, and Black Garlic) (pretty much everything), and 1 4 oz bottle of 100% Black Garlic Powder for one low price with Shipping Included!

We use only the best ingredients with no fillers or additives! Free Shipping in the USA Only!

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